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redreveller ([personal profile] redreveller) wrote2012-02-25 12:13 pm

'cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me

qkdnas;kmc;kamc ahhhh applications are stressful. Especially when they ask for you to fill in "Notable Achievements" and then you realise belatedly that, aaargh, you don't really have any. Then follows several prolonged nerve-wracking moments of riffling through your memories and various dust-shrouded certificates, and possibly some prodigious tearing at my hair along the harried way

Truth be told, I don't exactly have very high hopes of getting in. I'm just applying for the experience, and because I'll never forgive myself for not trying. It's not so much applying for the sake of "nothing ventured, nothing gained", but rather taking a leap of faith, and taking what comes with it - - both the good and the bad. 

Research for ori-fic is going along nicely, but I'm going to have a lot less time for that starting this time next week *bites fingernails nervously* because, because, RESULTS. I have .... mixed feelings on that. Pretty much ambivalent 75% of the time, but that's not really counting the remaining 25% which inevitably takes place at night and where the doubts nag at me so, so, very much. :((( Fingers crossed. 

Anyway. Have some brooding! Fassy from good ol' Tumblr, the balm for the beleaguered soul

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